The Garms Family is composed of Caleb, Ben, Taylor, David & Kris, Sam, Leesha and Jayme (left to right)

4 His Love
Chancellors Quartet
Forgiven Quartet
The Garms Family
Higher Call Quartet
Higher Power Quartet
Mike Fischer
Master's Voice
Southern Faith
Still Water
Sweetwater Revival

Who would think a family from Minnesota would love Southern Gospel music; much less share it with audiences across the country? And yet The Garms Family is doing just that and enjoying every mile together. David and Kris Garms, with their six children — Ben, Taylor, Leesha, Sam, Jayme, and Caleb — count it a privilege to minister to fellow Christians and invite the seeking to believe in Jesus as their Savior.  Since their simple beginnings of singing hymns in the living room to the release of multiple CDs, The Garms Family has been blessed to sing at a variety of churches, festivals, and events.

This full-time group shares the Gospel through their beautiful harmonies and solid instrumentation. Each song is an adventure as they play over 20 instruments on stage. In their home schooling, they have learned to love working as a team. Their joy as family spills over to the audiences as they sing and play together. There is obvious delight in weaving Southern Gospel, Gospel Bluegrass, and their own unique musical style together to create an unforgettable concert experience. Tours have brought them from Minnesota to Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida.

Above all, their aim is to glorify God through Christ with one voice and encourage people to live the Word.

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