Still Water

Still Water is composed of
Dale, Dale, Kenny, Tommy, and Kendall
(left to right)

4 His Love
Chancellors Quartet
Forgiven Quartet
The Garms Family
Higher Call Quartet
Higher Power Quartet
Mike Fischer
Master's Voice
Southern Faith
Still Water
Sweetwater Revival

Founded in 1994, this group of men has brought their unique talents and ministry to folks all across the country.  And even though the group has been together for a relatively short time, God began working many years ago to mold and form exactly what he needed.  The group brings together over 90 years of musical experience.

The Lord has blessed Still Water in many ways and taken them many miles to deliver the message of Jesus Christ.  A Still Water concert is far more than just rich vocals and wonderful arrangements, it is a time of spirit filled ministry.  Their blend of Traditional Southern Gospel styling with modern harmonies has had an impact on audiences in just about every setting one could imagine.

Still Water is not caught up in the glitter of road life nor do they try to be something that they are not.  They rely on one thing: the direction of the Holy Spirit in their lives, their music, and their concerts!


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